Stromberg Carlson | Signet/70 | Guitar Amp | SOLD

Stromberg Carlson | Signetto-70 | Guitar Amp
Stromberg Carlson | Signetto-70 | Guitar Amp

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Rare and superb sounding 70 watt Stromberg Carlson SAU-70 dual 6550 Tube amplifier. All the tubes are working and included (I don’t have any 6550’s so I included two 6L6GC tubes instead)…..


2) 6L6GC (subs for the 6550 tubes)
1) 5Y3
1) 5U4
2) 12AX7
1) 6U8

The front panel has separate volume control knobs for MIC-1, MIC-2 and Phono plus a Bass/Treble/On/Off control. The back panel features a Speaker output socket plus a 1/4″ speaker output with a wire that allows you to choose 4, 8, or 16 ohms speakers. There is an RCA plug for Radio/Phono/CD Input, a 1/2″ MIC input and a 1/4″ guitar plug. There is also a Hum Adjustment on the top of the chassis.


We tested this amp with a microphone, CD player and a guitar using an 8 ohm speaker. Everything on this amp works perfectly and it sounds wonderful! It’s very loud (rattles the windows) with a great vintage tone and no background hum or hiss what-so-ever! All the transformers and capacitors stayed nice and cool during our testing and all the knobs turn freely and quietly. The chassis does have some minor surface rust but the cage is in great shape as you can clearly see in the pictures. The power cord was taped by someone else and I believe the amp is all original except for the 1/4″ input and speaker sockets. It measures approximately 16 1/2″ x 9″ x 7 1/4″ and weighs about 29 lbs. unpacked.


All tube amplifiers are brought up to full power slowly with a variac to avoid damage and to reform the capacitors. Although I test them to the best of my ability, I am not an expert! When purchasing vintage items you should expect that some may need work and remember that the warranty ran out on our items decades ago! By bidding on my auctions.

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