Finale Audio | F308 Special Tube Amplifier | SOLD

Finale | F308 Integrated Tube Amp
Finale | F308 Integrated Tube Amp

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New assembled one-off special build tube amp, with the use of a pair of old Sansui/Hashimoto output transformers off from a Sansui 500A Tube Receiver.

Brand: Finale Audio, model F308 Special EL84/6BQ5 Type Tube Integrated Amplifier.


15 Watts Push Pull / Channel = 30 watts total into 8 ohms
Class AB Mode
8 and 16 ohms output
Driven by our newly invented SEA Driver design
Tube Rectified by 5AR4/GZ34, preferable 5V4G / GZ32 for a cooler operations


What you are looking is a true high end tube amplifier that is built with quality parts and transformers and of course our world class design, and from scratch to complete done right here in Toronto, Canada. This is perfect for those who want to hear the best side of Sansui / Hashimoto Transformers, although the outputs are old, but they work like charm and still sound better than most output transformers out there, period! The rest of the parts on the amplifier are all brand new for upcoming decades of service.


Need to hear to appreciate the famous legendary output transformers made by Sansui/Hashimoto of Japan. There are further upgrades you can do in the future or we could help, such as upgrade IEC inlet, upgrade caps, upgrade wires, upgrade output transformers … etc. Please note, there is only one set of RCA inputs, for the purest signal transfer, directly to the volume control. We can add one extra set of input for free. (Total of 2 sets inputs, with a smal flipper switch in the back just like how it shown in the photo). We love the sound so much at the current state, very full (unlike what most thought the Nichicon caps might sound), musical, good bass and weight and mind you – high definition!

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