EICO | HF-89 (HF89) Tube Amplifier | SOLD

Eico | HF89 Tube Amplifier | PP EL34
Eico | HF89 Tube Amplifier | PP EL34

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Eico HF89 tube amplifier . Some say that is almost as good as Marantz 8B , I don’t know , never heard 8B but Eico is certainly one of the best vintage amps I had pleasure to listen to. It is a classic circuit operating near Class A and getting 50Watt a channel from UL connected pair of EL34 tubes.Yes it is a hot running amp. Output transformers are huge . Look at the picture where you have HF89 next to venerable Dynaco St70 and compare . I did minimum maintenance required to safe operation of the amp to preserve it’s voicing and vintage character. All removed components will be provided with the amp. I have to say that that amp was original built with high quality parts and there is nothing cheap about it.

What I did :

  • Replaced coupling caps with vintage matched paper in oil capacitors (Astron AFQ 0.1/600V)
  • Replaced all small electrolytic bypasses with axial nichicon and sprague capacitors
  • Replaced PSU and bias rectifier diodes
  • Replaced input RCA connector with modern gold plated RCA’s
  • bypassed input mono switch
  • bypassed last PSU cap with two nichicon 80uF/450V to give input stage little cleaner supply.
  • used rubber to decouple power transformer from chassis (it was little noisy)
  • Replaced rubber feet.

The amp will be shipped with a quad of strong testing JJ KT77 tubes which are said to sound more like Mullard EL34 than any modern EL34 tube. 6SN7 ‘s and 12AX7 are of Russian production. To get a full picture of what this amp is capable off, you simply must source some NOS driver tubes. I like Russian power tubes but much prefer western driver tubes. Now ,the cosmetics of the amp are so ,so. It was industrial looking amp to begin with and those scratches on chassis do not make it more beautiful. Buy it now on eBay!


There is a little bit of hum and slight mechanical noise from hot running power transformer. Not a big issue with 86-90 dB speakers but with higher efficiency speakers it will be noticeable. Measured ESR of PSU caps is low which means the caps are still good but the amp would still benefit with PSU capacitor change . It is a major surgery and it will be up to you how far you’re willing to change the amp to suit your needs. A great sounding amp!


The amp is biased properly , tubes are marked and will be packed separately. Copy of schematic and biasing instructions will be provided . I will pack it right. I will start low and without reserve . The amp is heavy at 40lbs add packing and the weight will exceed 50 lbs . Good luck! Buy it now on eBay!

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